Tournament Tickets

Join us at the 2024 Price Cutter Charity Championship Presented by Dr Pepper

Note: It’s OK to bring your lawn chairs, but coolers and food are prohibited.

  • Honoring Our Heroes Tent

    • For all current and retired military, law enforcement and first responders and their families
    • It’s free!
    • Tickets include a one-day grounds pass, complimentary food and drinks in the VIP Tent, along with seating in the Heroes Tent on the 9th green!
    • Only four tickets per military, law enforcement & first responders
    • Pick up your ticket at the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame!
  • Daily Badge: $10

    • One-day admission
    • Grounds access only

    *Free Daily Badges available at participating free-day sponsor locations, including OakStar Bank for free admission on Friday, July 19

  • TLC Sweepstakes Ticket: $25

    • Four-day Admission (grounds access)
    • $25 donation goes to your charity of choice
    • 1-in-20 odds of winning a $25 value or higher daily prize, July 18-21
    • 1-in-10,000 odds of winning $10,000 cash
    • 1-in-10,000 odds of winning a 2024 Toyota Tacoma
  • SGC Foodservice VIP Ozarks Club Hospitality Venue Badge: $50

    • One-day Admission (grounds access)
    • Access to elevated, air conditioned, all-inclusive dining behind 18 skybox
    • Access to Ozarks Club Patio with comfortable elevated outdoor seating (View of Hole 12)
    • Includes four (4) beers per person daily at H.O.P.E. Foundation Beer Tent
    • Complimentary non-alcoholic beverages and water
  • Castello del Mar Sweepstakes: $100

    • Seven-night stay for up to 12 guests (Saturday to Saturday)
    • House manager, personal chef, and cleaning staff included
    • Six (6) suites & eight (8) baths
    • Approximately 10,000 sqare feet
    • A short 30-minute drive from the airport
    • Tennis courts & golf courses
    • Pool and private beach, jet skiing, zip lining, snorkeling, fishing & much more!

    1-in-300 odds to win a trip of a lifetime to Manzanillo, Mexico. Winner will be drawn on the 18th green at the Price Cutter Charity Championship trophy presentation on Sunday, July 21, 2024 at Highland Springs Country Club at about 4 p.m. You do not have to be present to win. Trip does not include meals or airfare or taxes.

  • Skybox Badge: $250

    • One-day Admission
    • Access to elevated, air conditioned, all-inclusive dining in SGC Foodservice Ozarks Club VIP Hospitality Venue behind 18 skybox
    • Access to Ozarks Club Patio with comfortable elevated outdoor seating (View of Hole 12)
    • Includes four (4) beers per person daily at H.O.P.E. Foundation Beer Tent
    • Complimentary non-alcoholic beverages and water
    • Access to designated Skybox on hole 18 with covered, elevated, outdoor seating
    • Complimentary tailgate style appetizers in 18 Skybox Lounge
    • Includes four (4) drinks per person daily at full bar in 18 Skybox Lounge
  • The ULTIMATE: $1,500

    • Includes two ULTIMATE Badges
    • Four-day Admission
    • Access to ULTIMATE parking lot in front of Clubhouse
    • Access to private ULTIMATE dining on level two of Clubhouse
    • Access to air-conditioned skybox on the water between holes 9 & 18
    • All-inclusive hot breakfast, lunch, tailgate appetizers, drinks and open bar
    • ULTIMATE Sponsor benefits
  • VIP Parking Pass: $250

    • Four-day parking access to VIP parking lot in front of Clubhouse

General Parking

$10 Parking Per Day


For an explainer of prohibited items, visit this site.




Each ticket is a revocable license allowing access to a PGA TOUR golf tournament (the “Tournament”). Lost, stolen or damaged tickets are not the responsibility of PGA TOUR, Inc. (“TOUR”) or the Tournament and will not be replaced. You acknowledge that COVID-19 is extremely contagious and that despite the measures the Tournament has implemented to help mitigate the risk of transmission, the elimination of risk of exposure and infection to COVID-19 is not currently possible.  By entering onto the grounds of the Tournament using this ticket, you acknowledge and agree to the following for yourself and on behalf of any accompanying minor (who shall also be deemed to be “you” for purposes of the following): YOU ASSUME ALL RISK AND DANGER ARISING OUT OF YOUR ATTENDANCE INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, RISKS RELATED TO COVID-19, LOSS OF YOUR PERSONAL PROPERTY, INJURY, OR DEATH FROM A GOLF SHOT OR BY OTHER SPECTATORS OR PLAYERS, AND YOU HEREBY RELEASE TOUR, THE HOST ORGANIZATION, THE HOST SITE, TELEVISION BROADCASTERS, SPONSORS, VENDORS AND THEIR RESPECTIVE AFFILIATES, EMPLOYEES AND AGENTS, AND ALL VOLUNTEERS, PARTICIPATING PLAYERS AND CADDIES, FROM ANY AND ALL LIABILITIES ARISING OUT OF SUCH LOSSES, INJURIES, ILLNESS OR DEATH.  You authorize TOUR and its affiliates and licensees to use your image, likeness, voice, actions and statements (and that of any minor you accompany) captured or made at the Tournament in any live or recorded telecast, transmission, reproduction, recording or photograph of the Tournament in any and all media now known or hereafter developed (in whole or in part) and for advertising, marketing, promotional, analytics and internal purposes, without payment of any compensation to you. You may only capture any account, description, video, audio, photographs, scoring-related data or statistic (“Content”) of, from or at the Tournament on any day of the Tournament throughout the Tournament site (including, for clarity, competition areas on competition days), consistent with all posted rules and instructions of TOUR and/or Tournament staff. However, you may not capture, transmit, distribute, or otherwise use Content for any purpose other than personal, non-commercial purposes (e.g., for your personal social media accounts), and you may not distribute such Content on a live or near-live basis (no live streaming) or use such Content to create a real-time, stoke-by-stroke or hole-by-hole account of the Tournament. Further, you shall not use or authorize others to use any such Content for any commercial or promotional purpose, or for or in connection with a media outlet (directly or indirectly) unless you and the media outlet have received an official media credential for the Tournament from TOUR.  You shall not collect, transmit, distribute, publish or sell Content (including any scoring, statistical, competition or other data at or from the Tournament) for purposes of any betting or gambling-related activity.  TOUR is the sole owner of, and you hereby assign to TOUR, all right, title and interest in and to all Content, including all copyrights and rights to use all Content (including rights to use your social media posts incorporating the Content), subject to your permission from TOUR to capture and distribute certain Content on the limited terms set forth in this license. Upon reasonable request by TOUR, at TOUR’s cost and expense, you will sign any documents necessary to effect TOUR’s ownership and use of all Content. You shall not engage in any activity at the Tournament that creates a commercial association between a third party and TOUR or the Tournament, including without limitation, using, wearing, distributing or selling any promotional or commercial item at the Tournament or promoting or drawing attention to any business, cause or concern at the Tournament, in each case without permission from TOUR.  For security purposes, you consent to the reasonable inspection of your person and property before entering the Tournament, which may include metal detection, and you waive all claims against TOUR arising out of such inspection. No standalone photo or video cameras (outside of mobile devices) on competition days (allowed practice days only), coolers, ladders, signs, firearms, explosive devices, etc. will be permitted onto the Tournament grounds. Mobile devices are permitted to the extent they are on silent and used in accordance with this license and the Mobile Device Policy posted on Tournament grounds and at No alcoholic beverages may be brought onto or taken from the Tournament grounds. Any misconduct, illegal activity, intoxication, use of illegal substance, breaches of etiquette, disruptive behavior, heckling, or violation of any rule or instruction of Tournament representatives or violation of this license is prohibited and shall be grounds for forfeiture of your ticket and for your removal from the premises. You shall not seek autographs of players in order to sell such autographs, and you shall not pay another person to obtain an autograph for you. Tickets cannot be resold or otherwise used in a promotion, offered as a prize or reward in a sweepstake or otherwise, or used in a travel or hospitality package (e.g., combining tickets with flights and/or accommodations) without permission from TOUR. It is unlawful to reproduce tickets. Host organization and TOUR reserve the right to revoke any ticket and cancel all privileges connected therein. Use of any parking site provided for Tournament attendees is entirely at the risk of the vehicle driver and/or owner. Please take appropriate security precautions and lock your vehicle.

Further, if you have been issued credentials to access the Tournament by TOUR or the Tournament host organization and you are a Covered Person (as defined below), you are subject to the PGA TOUR Integrity Program (the “Integrity Program”). A “Covered Person” means (i) each person affiliated with a PGA TOUR player, including each caddie, family member, spouse, partner, agent, manager, instructor and trainer, (ii)each employee of the Tournament host organization, and (iii) each third party involved in the operation of the competition portion of the Tournament. The terms of the Integrity Program are set forth in the PGA TOUR Integrity Program Manual, which is available here. The Integrity Program, among other things: prohibits each Covered Person from betting on any aspect of the Tournament and providing inside information to third parties for betting on any aspect of the Tournament; and requires each Covered Person to report any violation of the Integrity Program to TOUR. A violation of the Integrity Program by a Covered Person may result in the revocation of his or her credentials to access the Tournament and other PGA TOUR events, among other consequences.