Missouri Junior Golf Foundation

The Missouri Junior Golf Foundation is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to promote the best interest and true spirit of the game of golf throughout the State of Missouri to and for juniors ages 10 -18. Tournaments for all juniors players, regardless of skill sets, are available at a minimal cost to the participants. These events include one day tournaments called the Hieronymus Juniors Series which concludes with a Series Championship, and multiple day events such as the Ken Lanning Championship, the Junior Match Play Championship and the Junior Amateur Championship. These tournaments provide a platform for the junior player to develop their skills, learn to play competitive golf and develop a love of the game and thorough knowledge of the Rules of Golf. Additionally, Rules of Golf Seminars are provided for high school golf coaches and their players coupled with teaching skills from some of the best known golf instructors in the State of Missouri and the MGA works closely with the Missouri State High School Activities Association and their Golf Championships.