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Charity spotlight: Heart of the Ozarks Junior Golf Foundation


Talk about a good cause – and a perfect fit to run it.

Longtime golf teaching professional Rick Grayson spends his days at Rivercut Golf Course and, if you’ve ever been lucky to chat with him, you quickly realize that his heart is in the right place.

He loves golf. Even better, he tries to introduce it to kids who may never been interested before – because of finances, a lack of awareness or what not. That’s why he heads the Heart of the Ozarks Junior Golf Foundation.

It’s also why the Price Cutter Charity Championship presented by Dr Pepper, the PGA Tour’s annual Tour stop in Springfield, is proud to partner with Heart of the Ozarks. The tournament has gifted almost $13 million for children’s charities in its 26-year history, and some of this year’s money will go toward helping Grayson’s efforts.

“A kid can get started for free (through Heart of the Ozarks),” Grayson said. “It’s not such a financial burden.”

About Heart of the Ozarks

The organization was founded in the year 2000 as a way to cover the costs of lessons, equipment and greens for youngsters who otherwise may not be able to play golf.

Rivercut offers a four-hole kids course, for instance, allowing youth to hit short shots – rather than needing to drive the ball 50 yards. It is open seven days a week.


“It’s a fun course because it’s not overwhelming for them,” Grayson said. “You try to get them on there and get them hooked. They can do things they can’t do on a regular course.”

The foundation uses its PCCC dollars toward buying equipment and apparel for Kickapoo and Glendale golfers, allowing the schools to direct their athletic department dollars elsewhere.

In turn, the Kickapoo and Glendale golfers volunteer during the PCCC by marshaling holes.

“They have to do something,” Grayson said, “to receive that money.”


  • BUSINESS SPONSORSHIPS: Businesses also can support the PCCC through various sponsorships, particularly skyboxes on the 9th and 18th greens. So many other sponsorships also are available on the course as businesses receive tremendous branding exposure. Or, sign up to play in any of our Pro-Ams. Businesses also can donate a gift card with at least a $25 value in the name of your charity of choice to benefit them in the Golf Ball & Charity Auction presented by Copy Products, Inc. and University Plaza.The Ultimate
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  • SEE THE FUTURE OF THE PGA TOUR: The PCCC is from Aug. 5-15, with the pros beginning play on Aug. 11 at Highland Springs Country Club. For tickets or other ways to assist, call the Price Cutter Charity Championship staff at 417-887-3400.

    Dawie vander Walt shows his winners trophy after the final round of the Price Cutter Charity Championship at Highland Springs Country Club in Springfield on August 16, 2015.
    Dawie vander Walt won the 2015 PCCC. (Photo courtesy of StidzMedia.)
  • HELP HEART OF THE OZARKS JUNIOR GOLF FOUNDATION: To help the foundation in any way, call Rivercut Golf Course at 417-891-1645.